Shorecliffs Terrace was developed as a 55 or over rental park between 1974 - 1977. In 1992 the residents, tired of rent increases, purchased the park. Cost for each resident was proportional based on the location of the site. Non view sites costing the least while ocean view the most. During the last housing boom, homes and lots peaked as high as $475,000. Some of the homes purchased during this period were pulled off and replaced with new manufactured homes. Some homeowners have as much as $800,000 invested in their home and lot.

San Clemente is blessed with a Mediterranean type climate which means little or no cooling costs in the summer and low heat bills in the winter. In addition to mortgage, taxes and insurance costs, the following is an average monthly cost:

                                     Summer - $375 Includes HOA dues and fees, cable TV,all utilities except
                                                                   phone and internet service.
                                      Winter - $425 Due to higher gas and electric usage.

Your bills may be higher depending on how you cool and heat your home.
If you have an RV, the storage fee is $35 and will be added to your bill.
Shorecliffs is a community of less than 200 homes and, because of the numerous events and activities, residents get to know each other and develop a caring for the individual. Once people move into our park, they very rarely move unless age forces them into a facility or to be closer to children. Our location in San Clemente affords us some of the best doctors and medical facilities in California; fine restaurants; a myriad of entertainment venues; ocean enjoyment and a climate allowing year-round athletic activities.
Visit us and see for yourself why our residents say, "We live in the best place in all of California."
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